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Lenox Desk (Light Oak)

Lenox Desk (Light Oak)

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The Lenox Desk is perfectly designed for today's minimalist work spaces with a solid, Malaysian Oak table top and black steel base for wobble-free stability. The two-piece base creates a uniquely spacious profile in any room, while the Malaysian Oak is rated as an environment-friendly and sustainable wood.¹ Supporting 300 lbs without sagging, the single piece top will last for many years to come. The Lenox Desk also includes two slots for efficient cable management and is CARB P2 certified, so you're not breathing in harmful carcinogens which can be found in cheaper tables.

Environmentally Sustainable Wood

Supporting up to 300 lbs, the single piece top is CARB P2 certified and made from the environmentally sustainable Malaysian Oak.

I-Frame Steel Base

Creating a more open workstation, the 2-piece black steel base creates a wobble-free presence while minimizing the desk's footprint.

Simplified Cable Slots

The Lenox Desk includes two simple, but efficient slots for cable management in any office configuration.


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