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Wishbone Chair (Walnut/Black Woven Cord)

Wishbone Chair (Walnut/Black Woven Cord)

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The Wishbone chair from Laura Davidson is a timeless classic constructed from American ash wood and tightly woven cord. Like the original, this chair features a single-piece wooden backrest (bent by steam!) which provides both support and beauty.

Solid American Ash Wood

Known for its distinctive grain, strength, and durability, American ash is ideal wood for the entire frame of the wishbone chair — guaranteeing a look that will last for years to come.

Steam Bent, Single-Piece Wooden Backrest

The centerpiece of the wishbone is the curved, single-piece backrest that not only gives seamless beauty to the chair, it also provides strength and stability.

Long-Lasting Woven Cord Seating Surface

Our manufacturing process relies on tightly woven cord material to create outstanding durability and stability. And you don’t have to sweat the maintenance that comes with typical upholstery!

Carefully Packed and Fully Assembled

We’ve carefully created packaging (through years of experience) to make sure your chair arrives in excellent condition, making setup a breeze. Just open the box, unwrap the protective foam, and you’re all set!

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