New Product Guarantee

At Laura Davidson Furniture, we are committed to always giving you the best quality products possible, from our custom manufacturers — to your front doorstep or business address. Below are some of the policies that we've adopted over many years of industry experience and listening to over 100,000 customers.

Never Repackaged or Resold

Although we have an industry-leading return policy, we will NEVER repackage a returned item for resale. Instead, we will typically recycle returned product or donate them to local charities and causes. Rest assured that every purchase made is a new, direct-from-manufacturer product.


Additional Packaging and Supports

Over the years, we have developed packaging that keeps each product in the best condition possible as they ship across the world. Oftentimes, this means double-walled boxes, extra air bubbling, and external support bars. We know that every customer, anywhere in the world, deserves a product in the same new condition as it was when it was manufactured.


Multiple Quality Checks

All our products undergo quality assurance when they are first manufactured, then again by a third-party service, and then once more after arriving at our distribution warehouses.

Immediate Customer Service

In the very rare chance (less than 0.1% over every 10,000 shipments) that a customer receives a damaged product (often due to a careless shipper), then our customer service team will reply to the issue within an average time of 15 minutes (even on weekends) — and get a replacement sent out immediately.


When we say we are customer-centric, it's not just a catchphrase, we really mean it.