Bryant Four Post Aluminum Chair

Under United States Trademark we are the ONLY manufacturer of our products protected under United States trademark law — under trademark number 4694992.

No other brand (including Emeco) has any rights to our brand, as we are the sole owner under the name Laura Davidson Furniture — as listed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office below, as well as 3rd-party brand registries such as Amazon, Google, Bing, Walmart, Jet, etc.


Trademark from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office


Additionally, the four post Laura Davidson Bryant Chair is unique from the design patent of the Emeco Navy Chair, which features a three post design. See the image below for key design difference. 


Design Differences: Laura Bryant Chair vs. Emeco Navy Chair

Although Laura Davidson has reached out to, they have not responded and continue to mount false design claims against competing companies.

Upon request, Laura can also provide Bryant Chair invoices directly from our manufacturer. Our chairs are our own, and by no means has Laura ever, or will ever, claim to be products from another manufacturer or brand.