Bowery Management Chair (Red/Black)


by Laura Davidson

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One of our favorites, the Bowery Chair showcases innovative styling and adjustable comfort for the work space. This modern office chair provides a wide range of ergonomic adjustments to fit your body and seating preferences. The poly-cotton wrapped foam seating surface provides seated comfort, while the spine-conforming elastomer backrest is extremely breathable and cool, while providing support to keep your body in healthy alignment. A perfect chair across home, office, and conference room environments.

A Comfortably Firm Seat

The poly-cotton foam seat is that perfect balance between firmness and cushiony that allows you to sit comfortably for that long shift and beyond.

Breathable Elastomer Backrest

Our supportive rubber elastomer backrest provides the perfect back-conforming flex and breathability for all day comfort.

Adjust Your Recline to Four Positions

Sit back, relax, and lock your backrest in 4 different recline positions. Or skip the lock and take advantage of our spring-loaded recline that lets you lean back any time you want.

Adjust your Arm Rests to Six Heights

The Bowery arm rests have 6 different height adjustments. And if you don’t like arms, they’re easy to remove (or not attach in the first place).

Adjust the Backrest Forward or Backward to Five Positions

Your backrest has a 5-position sliding adjustment for multiple seat depths, closer to or further from the seat.


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